What is snus and where to buy snus?

Are you looking for the best alternative for cigarettes? Then snus is the perfect option available out there to consider. Before you buy snus, it is worthy to understand what it is all about and what kind of an experience you can get out of it. Keep on reading and you will find answers to all the questions you have in mind.

What exactly is snus?

Snus is a moist and smokeless powder tobacco pouch that comes from Sweden. You will need to place this powder under the top lip. You will be able to get snus in numerous flavors such as wintergreen and mint. Unlike smoking tobacco, there is no need to burn snus. On the other hand, you don’t have to spit it as well.

Due to the way how you consume snus, it is not as harmful as smoking tobacco. This fact is proven from numerous studies conducted in the past as well. If you are trying to stay away from the negative consequences associated with smoking tobacco, you can take a look at snus and proceed with it.

What’s the difference between tobacco and snus?

Snus was originated in Sweden. It came out as a method to preserve tobacco. Sweden is a country that wants its people to give up the bad habit of smoking. As a result, snus was introduced to the people. As of now, most of the people who consume snus are ex-smokers.

Along with snus, people who smoked cigarettes have got the opportunity to reduce their chances of getting cancer. On their hand, people are also provided the opportunity to stay away from other negative consequences associated with tobacco smoking as well. The introduction of snus to Swedish people became a success. As a result, it was introduced to the people in …

Check Out All Details About The Snus

Snus is the type of tobacco that contains moist powder. Tobacco was originated in Sweden in the 18th century. However, it is illegal in most European countries except Norway and Sweden. It is generally placed inside the gums and lips for an extended period of time. It is not a fermented product, so one does not need to split the Snus. It is one of the most common tobacco in western countries.

Tobacco is created by the mixing of salt, water, dried tobacco, and sodium carbonate. After the blending, heating is applied, and after that, an aroma texture is added into the mixture. Earlier it is made up of the fermentation process, but nowadays steam-pasteurization method is used. The main reason for using this process is to inhibit the growth of bacteria in tobacco. After the pasteurization, the nicotine content is added at different levels.

Earlier, the Swedish Snus is sold in small tins made up of gold, silver, and wood, but now plastic material is used in the manufacturing of tins. Earlier, the tobacco is available in dark and loose texture, but now it comes with a round shape. It is relatively cheaper than other tobacco. In countries like Canada, the availability of tobacco is very low as the country’s government has reduced manufacturing. Moving further, let’s discuss the types of Snus in detail.

Here are several types of Swedish Snus

There are many types of Snus available in the market, such as portion snus, loose snus, etc. All the varieties are smokeless and contain moist powder. Let’s discuss some of them one by one.

Portion Snus

The tobacco comes with the packaged moist powder. Compare to other types of Snus, it is considered as more discreet and convenient in use. It is available in small teabags and comes …